Regeneration is being tested and embedded in many professions, industries, and communities.

Businesses from farming to architecture, to mindfulness; from furniture design to fashion to engaging capital to communities around the world; from Amsterdam to Uganda to Chile it is the evolution of how life works as the source of creating health and wealth are learning to work regeneratively.

We have invited 15 thought leaders to be thinking partners and thought provocateurs for our 3 days together.

Carol Sanford

For nearly 40 years Carol has led a revolution in how business is to be conducted. With long-term engagements, she functioned as a supra-executive decoding a company’s DNA and aligning systems to yield game-changing innovation, market leadership, and financial returns. Through her A-rated speeches and award-winning books, Carol relates examples that inspire and instruct businesses to re-imagine their way of working and change industries, social systems, cultural beliefs and governing practices.

Her highly-praised books, The Responsible Business and The Responsible Entrepreneur, are required reading at leading business schools including Harvard, Stanford, Haas Berkeley and MIT. Her latest book, The Regenerative Business, was released in October 2017.

Dr. David Riley

David is a faculty member in the Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State. His fields of expertise include Sustainable Building Methods, Affordable and Sustainable Housing, Renewable Energy, Leadership and Change Agent Development, and Education for Sustainability. David currently leads multiple research, education and workforce programs focused on integrative methods to support the proliferation of renewable energy. He is currently working in multiple communities and settings in support of energy and sustainability initiatives including the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, the Island of Roatan, Honduras, and the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.

Dr. Beatrice Ungard

Beatrice brings to her clients 15+ years of experience grounded in a whole systems approach to organizational and systems change, strategic management, and leadership capacity development. As the owner of Soma Integral Consulting she designs and facilitates multi-stakeholder collaboration processes to creatively investigate and address complex socio-ecological challenges. In partnership with practitioners in the Design Built Environment, she delivers regenerative design and development services to communities, cities, and local governments that seek to become more sustainable and resilient. She has taught strategic management and systems thinking for diverse MBA programs and is currently an instructor for The Regenerative Practitioner Series offered by The Regenesis Group.


Max Shkud

Max brings to the Regenerative Summit his extensive corporate experience in leadership development, organizational change, hi-tech management, and software product development. Max began his career as a software architect at Motorola (Israel), where he designed wireless systems for the army and police.

Later, as a technology leader at Snapfish, he led the design and implementation of a software infrastructure that today serves over 100 million customers worldwide. He also spearheaded the development of online ventures — worth hundreds of millions of dollars — for Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart.

As a consulting change-leader for HP, Royal Bank of Scotland, HoneyBook, and most recently T-Mobile, Max co-led division-wide initiatives that focused on business transformation, innovative organization design, and leadership development.

Marisa Gant

Marisa is an individual wellness and spiritual counselor & organizational development consultant applying the lens of Ayurveda. Marisa worked in the international development sector for more than seven years, leading business development, trade certification and operations for a variety of international organizations. Recognized for her project management, organizational and analytical skills, Marisa has a proven track record for guiding people to action and stewarding collaboration. She also brings a calm and intuitive demeanor that prompts deeper reflection & self-awareness. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Business and an Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling certificate and founded Naturefy to guide and mentor clients to harness their true nature, connect with the sacred and live in greater accordance with nature’s natural rhythms.

Christian Shearer

Spending over a decade of his life in SE Asia and working in seven different countries, has given Christian Shearer a unique perspective on the lives of the small-holder farmer. At age 24, Christian founded a permaculture education center in SE Asia, the Panya Project. As that project matured, Christian shifted his focus to his regenerative agriculture work with Terra Genesis International. As Chief Operations Officer to TGI, Christian combines his whole-systems project management experience with the companies focus on the essential uniqueness of each company and each ecosystem. It’s become more and more clear that as a professional designer, his role is not to provide answers but to provide a space where the right questions can be asked.


Alexa Pitoulis

A self-proclaimed kale-powered supermom on 2 wheels, Alexa is a creative strategist with over 16 years of experience building and leading teams in public, private and non-profit spheres. A change leader with an MBA in Sustainable Systems, Alexa is skilled at seeing and moving the whole working of an organization, its clients/customers, and its effects on systems in ways that illuminate potential. She is currently leading the launch of a social enterprise in Vancouver, BC, Canada which is utilizing surplus produce and turning it into nutritious products by working with local partners and providing training and employment for persons with barriers to traditional employment.

Zac Swartout

Zac has over a decade of diverse experience in the finance industry. As a vice president of the boutique investment bank Dahlman Rose & Co. (now Cowen & Co.), he helped build a trading group to a bank with over 150 employees. After acquiring his MBA from the Pinchot University, he acted as the managing director of a securities-based crowdfunding platform for Cutting Edge Capital, an impact focused law firm and consultancy that helps local businesses raise mission aligned capital.

He is currently an organization development consultant for the Fraser Health system in Canada. He is also a faculty member at Pinchot University the first MBA program to offer a degree in sustainable business. At Pinchot he teaches management, and leadership & personal development.

Lise Thompson

Lise brings regenerative whole living systems thinking and process to everything she does. Her work in place-based development focuses on reminding humans they are Nature with the potential to be in reciprocal value adding relationship with all life in a way that builds true wealth by integrating human, ecological and financial capital. She is founder of Conservation Development, LLC, a Global Ambassador for The Nature Conservancy and on the board of trustees for the New Jersey Forestry Foundation. Lise graduated from Cornell and lives on a farm in the Sourland Mountains.

John Boecker

John serves as a founding partner in 7group, an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on integrative design and regenerative development. He also co-hosted with Bill Reed the national Voice America radio program, “Building Deeper Green: Reframing Sustainability.”

John currently Chairs the USGBC’s international Integrative Process (IP) Working Group, charged with improving the practical implementation integrative design. His design work has been recognized by over 40 design awards, including 25 Awards for Design Excellence from AIA, three Pennsylvania Governor’s Awards for Environmental Excellence in 1998, 2001 & 2003, and AIA’s nationwide Top Ten Green Projects in 2000 and 2009. John has taught Architectural Design at Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Area Community College, and guest lectures at Harvard.

Gregory Landua

Gregory’s passion for creating healthy relationships through trade has lead him on a global journey to explore all phases of the value adding process from farming and agriculture through processing and manufacture to marketing to the end customer. Starting with farmers of important crops such as cacao and almonds, Gregory explores regenerative agriculture approached to their farming. Out of these ecosystem based farming approaches he has helped to grow an ecosystem of businesses and organizations dedicated to expressing the essence of a product through the entire value adding process. As CEO of Terra Genesis International, Gregory has grown a team with the capacity to support other business’s to succeed in exploring their leadership role in regeneration.

Dr. Lisa Brown

Lisa is a teacher and living systems education consultant. She has worked in a variety of leadership positions in higher education, including ten years as Director of the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium, a state-wide NASA-funded research, education and outreach program. She is passionate about developing experiential learning opportunities and building partnerships between schools and their local communities. She has worked with numerous businesses and non-profits to deepen our collective understanding of and contributions to educating for a regenerative future.

Lisa holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado and a PhD in Geosciences from Penn State University.

Russell Wallack

Russell is an ecological designer and living systems thinker based in Amherst, MA. With a background spanning philosophy, digital design, GIS, program management, and leadership training, Russell brings a diversity of experience to his work in regenerative design and supply system development. His generalist skill-set enables him to thrive in diverse contexts. Most recently he has enjoyed working on multiple regenerative design projects in Barbados, and the northeast U.S.,  project managing supply system design projects with Terra Genesis International, and working to expand commercial chestnut production in the U.S.

Rachel Hynes

Rachel is passionate about creating regenerative systems that enable individuals and organizations to thrive. Her career has focused on working with organizations who are creating shifts in the fooding, sheltering, and transacting streams. Currently she is Director of Operations at International Living Future Institute and Board Vice Chair at Central Co-op, one of only two co-ops in the nation that combines worker and member ownership in a solidarity model.


Héctor M Miramontes

Héctor currently serves as International Relations Director for the City of Portland and has over 15 years of experience working on national, state, and local political campaigns aimed at advancing progressive government policy and social change. Héctor views business as a powerful framework through which people across the planet can advance regenerative organizations, societies, and economies. Héctor contributes a global perspective: he has traveled to Asia, Europe, and Latin America; and speaks English, French, and Spanish. Héctor holds an MBA from Presidio Graduate School, a French Language and Francophone Culture Certificate from the Sorbonne, and a BA from the University of Oregon.

Cindy Brooks

Cindy’s work coaching/consulting has been informed by a lifetime living in the coastal forests of the Pacific Northwest and owning and operating small businesses in the health and wellness space. The common thread through Cindy’s work is her attention to conscious business development, and focus on the quality of networked relationships necessary to raise the bar for community resilience. Her most recent work has been in the strategic facilitation of community wealth building conversations, inviting a shift in the perspective of traditional community benefit work to include local capacity building through the focused spending, hiring and investment of anchor institutions.

Anselm Ibing

Anselm is an international change agent, living frameworks designer and consultant based in France. He has 8 years of experience as a social entrepreneur and activist, and currently works as a freelancer regenerating supply chains (with Terra Genesis International) and coaching eco-villages.


Carol Sanford uniquely understands how to develop more conscious, creative, innovative, and intentional human beings. Her work contributed to exponentially increasing the value of my company and perhaps most important, helped us discover that work can be deeply fulfilling in ways that feed your soul.

Jeffrey Hollender, Founder & CEO, Founder, Founding CEO Seventh Generation

Carol advocates for a vision of firms as cradles of human development, supporting their employees through journeys of discovery that focus on the lived experience of the customer. Her work points the way to building authentically purpose driven firms that will drive the kind of disruption that my own research suggests is likely to be catalysts in reimagining capitalism and to a way of being in the world that is simultaneously deeply pragmatic and an expression of transformative hope.

Rebecca M. Henderson, John and Natty McArthur University Professor, Harvard Business School

Carol has already influenced my own thinking and that of Kauffman leaders and we are partnering with her for more evolution in entrepreneurship and education to great ends. It’s just what the world needs to transform our fractured and fragmented workplace culture into a healthy, regenerative whole system. You will see why I so strongly recommend this work.

Mark Beam, Maverick in Residence Kauffman Foundation

Leading successful business transformation in a complex and challenging environment requires clarity, alignment, will and a sense of purpose at all levels across the organization. The principles and ideas presented for The Regenerative Business deliver these effects systemically an in a way that brings deeper satisfaction and meaning to work. Using the frameworks to build a developmental view is producing significant cultural shifts that are moving our business forward. Associates are energized to grow their impact, and customers are feeling the difference.

Lara Lee, President, Orchard Supply Hardware

Carol Sanford has fundamentally challenged and transformed the way we think about entrepreneurship, innovation, and developing our leaders. Since she began teaching at the school, the impact of Carol’s regenerative frameworks and concepts has reached beyond the classroom. She has supported the students, faculty, and leadership to explore how the curriculum, learning community, and organization can form a seamless whole in pursuit of driving transformative change. The Regenerative Business is essential for any leader looking to design and lead a thriving 21st century organization.

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, Principal, Kaospilot, Denmark, Business & Design in leadership and entrepreneurship

Prepare to abandon all current thinking about what makes organizations great. Original, powerful, and persuasive, The Regenerative Business exposes the limited worldviews and minimal expectations that drive most organizations. In their place, it offers practical and insightful frameworks for creating “regenerative” processes, illustrated with successful and profitable real-world applications of these ideas. Promoting ways of seeing and being in the world that couldn't be more timely or essential, The Regenerative Business details models that engage the whole person in the larger systems in which they operate.

Jessica Lipnack and David McConville, Co-chairs, Board of Directors, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Huge gratitude to Carol Sanford for helping Babson open the aperture on its view of what business can and should be. Attending the Regenerative Business Summit will give business leaders a taste of this experience. Don’t miss it!

Babson Executive Education and Lewis Institute at Babson 2017 Regenerative Business Summit Underwriting Champion

We are so proud to be a sponsor for The Regenerative Business Summit. Huge gratitude to Carol Sanford for helping Babson open the aperture on its view of what business can and should be. Attending this Summit will give business leaders a taste of this experience, Don’t miss it!

Babson Executive Education and Lewis Institute at Babson. Champion

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