WHO is sponsoring the Summit?

Here is what some of our previous summit champions are saying: 

“Carol Sanford Institute’s approach (the regenerative business education) continues to be an amazing source of inspiration and one of the foundational philosophies of Google Food.”
Michiel Bakker

Director, GoogleFood

“Carol Sanford Institute’s regenerative way of working with Seventh Generation opened a door to the whole new level of engaging with and practicing corporate responsibility, in everything we do— from how we organize the company, to strategic thinking, working with stakeholders, product development and marketing. We have dramatically improved our strategic, leadership, and organizational capabilities…”
Jeffrey Hollender

CEO, Sustain natural, Founder Seventh Generation. Hollender is one of our Champions supporting the Regenerative Business Prize.

“Carol Sanford, as a longtime friend and Sr. Fellow in Social Innovation, is Executive Producer for The Regenerative Business Summit 2017, which offers authentic ways to grow and connect business to society. Carol’s insights and experiences provide some of the best thinking for leaders not only in business, but in government, policy, and the social sector. We’re looking forward to The Regenerative Business Summit Sep 25-27. See you there.”
Cheryl Kiser

The Lewis Institute, Babson College

Who are the participants at the Summit? Why are they coming?

“It really has opened up my mind to look at things differently and I think that’s what’s really changing and that’s the central part that’s changing the industry.”

Bill Billenstein

Culinary Director, Guckenheimer, San Francisco, CA

“I believe that it has helped the business understand much more about how it can build capacity in the communities in which we work.”
Rachel Maxwell

Co-Founder, Community Sourced Capital, Seattle, WA

“What it’s really done? It has given me a way to connect to a higher thinking – a higher purpose – a reason to be here.”
Debra Neill-Baker

Neill Corporation, Hammond, LA

“This is the only business event I know of where I am invited to do deep conscious work on both myself and my business—what a rare and unique opportunity!”
Bryan Ungard

Chief Purpose Officer, The Decurion Corp, Los Angeles, CA

“It’s exciting to to learn with Carol about this this way of looking at the role of business in society and these organizing principles – that it helps us decide how we’re going to help our customers, you know, appreciate working with nature and using these beneficial insects to control the pests in the short term – and then to build the diversity on their farm.”
Ron Whitehurst

Pest Control Advisor, Rincon-Vitora Insectaries, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

“Oh my god, the kind of people were just something you cannot find anywhere. They were people completely committed. They were people wanting to go deeper. The level of conversation—it was just mind-blowing. It really felt like a strong community.”
Alicia Silva

Founder & CEO, Revitalization Architects, Mexico City

See who participated in our 2016 Summit

How is the Summit experience different than traditional conferences?

The Regenerative Business Summit is an invitation-only gathering of 200 “edge thinkers” that is structured to work cross-sector and cross-industry, with a focus on six essential value-adding business streams:

  • Food (nourish life)
  • Shelter (containers for transition through life stages and phases)
  • Transacting (platforms for non-direct exchanges of information and resources)
  • Adorning (tribal, belonging declarations, communities)
  • Recreating (connecting with meaning and spirit, restoration of self)
  • Communing (harmonizing with higher and lower, greater and lesser, that goes beyond the personal and individual)

The quality of the Summit draws upon the quality of the people in the room. These are high-impact, high-integrity business leaders who have been selected for their ability to push boundaries in service of improving the world and their business.

A Transformative Experience for All

This is not a conference where you sit and listen. Instead, you will engage with peers in a rigorous dialogue on creating great change that shifts societal and ecological systems health—and grows your own business and it’s place in it all. The Summit offers you the opportunity to develop the capacity and capability to create systemic effects in the world leading to healthy and vibrant communities while exploring new growth opportunities for your business.

Application of Systemic Frameworks

We use systemic frameworks, grounded in living systems principles to support our thinking. You will learn how they can best be applied to your business and its growth.

Learn more about living systems principles.

Engaging Thinking Partners

Every participant at the Summit will be a thinking partner, selected for their personal agency, decision-making power in an existing business, curiosity, and their willingness to challenge themselves and the people around them. Thinking partners do not give advice, they do not coach, they are not talking heads or panelists. They use frameworks such as the 7 First Principles of Regeneration to listen and ask questions, deepening understanding of your work and your business.

Learning using the Fishbowl Format

We learn best as humans through stories. The “fishbowl” engagement process uncovers stories and observations to help us learn from the experiences of others and our own. In the “fishbowl”, you sit at the center of a circle with Carol Sanford as your thinking partner. Everyone in the circle holds their own business, project, or product in mind as Carol poses questions and helps you discover systemic ways of thinking through an authentic Socratic process. Everyone learns by mentally engaging with the person(s) in the center. But you get the most profound exploration of your business at the center of the fishbowl on stage, in real time.

Watch Carol resourcing Refarm owners on stage using a fishbowl format during the the 2016 Summit:

A Reflective Experience

At the Summit, you will not only have an opportunity to step back to reflect about your business but you will also be encouraged to question the many assumptions you’ve made about what it means to be a good business. The Regenerative Business Paradigm is a powerful assessment tool for your business that disrupts old, tired ways of thinking. Participants are individuals with an ability to step out of their own comfort zones and question current, accepted norms. Together, you will walk to the edge of what you thought you knew, and leave the Summit with new questions to apply to your business.

Excited about the potential of this regenerative experience? Request an invitation to the Regenerative Business Summit.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Previous Underwriting Champions


Some of the Participating Businesses


Dr. Bronner's
10X Shift
Biggerstaff Construction
Google Food Lab
Babson Executive Education
Terra Genesis International
Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurs
Conservation Development
New Hope Network
Orchard Supply Hardware
Decurion Corporation

Presidio Graduate School
Ejido Verde
Stern Produce Company
Evrnu, SPC
Food Ethnographer
Rincon-Vitova Insectaries
FoodState Inc.
Goodly Brand Foods
Stanford University
Soma Integral Consulting


Revitaliza Consultores
The Bark House
GreeNexus Consulting
Highfalutin Brands
La Rousse Seattle
Natural Habitats
Regenesis Group
Penn State University
Robertson Properties Group
Second Line Designs