This is an invitation-only-event for those interested in improving their ability to think and engage from a regenerative paradigm in their business and influence on industry direction. Interested in attending? You may request to be invited. See the criteria here.

Criteria for Invitation:

  • Business owners, fiduciary decision maker, have a Profit & Loss responsibility for a line of business, C Suite Executive with execution authority, business unit leader. Not for advisors and consultants for these functions. But does include businesses creating infrastructure for a specific business invited.
  • In a business in the Business Streams regarding Fooding, Sheltering, Transacting, Adorning, Recreating, Communing


People attending the summit are proactively seeking to grow their businesses responsibly, and have a drive to make daily innovation a greater part of their ongoing work.  They believe that civil society can be evolved in how they work.  With an interest in the regenerative approach, they will submit their businesses, initiatives, or projects to discovery through working with peers and associates of the Carol Sanford Institute. This hands-on approach to learning has proven effective in initiating lasting changes, cultivating purposeful development, and implementing strategies for growth that encompass regenerative business practices. 



With the exception of two short talks which will introduce the subject of the working sessions and principles used in them, this is a working, participatory summit.  As a participant, you will come ready and willing to engage new ideas and think critically about their work.  You will be asked to bring to the summit, your business growth pursuit, a project of some magnitude or a new offering to the market.  You will be working within six core value-adding process (VAP) of life.  You may chose two and switch for the second set of fishbowls conducted by a VAP stream.  You may choose to work on them publicly, by requesting to be in one of the fishbowls (working in the session with colleagues) or you may use the spaces around the summit venue to initiate or continue conversations with peers that will help to evolve your work.  


The most benefit will be gained by seeing the summit as an applied learning event. The goal is to strategically think about improving your business. You should leave ready to launch something new, or at least engage the rest of your organization upon return. 

Please register for the Fishbowl opportunity the interests you by clicking below. 

1. Plenary Fishbowl with Carol Sanford as your resource, on stage in the main session, there are only 3 of these spots available. Sign up in advance and have one planning phone call in advance with Carol Sanford.

2. Value-adding process (VAP) Stream Fishbowl with a Carol Sanford Institute (CSI) associate. There are 12 opportunities, defined by focus (fooding, sheltering, transacting, adorning, recreating, or communing). Sign up in advance and have a planning phone call on regenerative ways to work.

3. Table Fishbowl Resourcing. Sign up for a “Table” engagement upon arriving at the event. There will be only one business per table in the Fishbowl and one CSI associate. The table is then filled with other participants.