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Champions of Regeneration

Are you working toward a regenerative approach to business? Join with us in the Summit as a leader in its story.
Founding Champions: Participants who joined in the initial Summit and return annually, actively participate in plenary and stream fishbowls, and help advance the conversation by inviting other thinking partners to join us. We consider you the closest to the community and the highest level of stewardship for a regenerative way of doing business.

Storytelling Champions: Regenerative Business Prize nominators and nominees. You create opportunities to learn from the experience of others through the stories you share with us. The Regenerative Business Prize honors the intentions, endeavors, and results of businesses and their ripple effects into industries, social systems, cultural paradigms, and ways of governing. We select “honorees,” not “winners,” so we can tell the stories of those that are clearly on the path towards a regenerative paradigm. This Prize honors the continual journey along this path, and holds each honoree accountable to continued learning and growth.

Underwriting Champions: underwriters of the Summit, including financial. You participate in the Regenerative Business Summit and contribute financially to ensure we co-evolve the work of Regeneration. We partner with you because your regenerative path in business can enrich our conversations and inspire our community members to advance their own work. No one can buy their way into the community; you underwrite the Summit because you are committed to growing your business, regeneratively and to helping others do the same. Your audience is at the Summit— where your business can engage them in a meaningful and direct way. Spaces are limited and subject to conversations. Please review the levels and benefits below, and email Jessica Green with any questions. Or talk to Carol if you have ideas you do not see here.


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Prize Honorees Will Receive:

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Previous Underwriting Champion Levels & Benefits


Business Prize



Exclusivity Rights






(5 Available) Per Category





(5 Available)

1 Per Category

Tickets to the Awards Dinner 1 2 1
Tickets to the Regenerative Business Summit 1 2 1
Regenerative Business Summit Website
Logo and link featured on the Regenerative Business Prize web page check
Logo and link on the sponsor recognition web page check check check
Event Programs
Brand name featured on the front page of Regenerative Business Prize awards program check
Full-color message in the Summit program (provided in .eps by Sponsor) Full page Half page Quarter page
On-Site Branding
Sponsor introduced as presenting sponsor of the Regenerative Business Prize awards dinner check
Brand name inscribed on the translucent award statue check
A meaningful story told about your business on stage check check
Space at the Regenerative Business Summit Gift Table check check check
Logo on “We Love: [Our Sponsors]” sequence on video screens check check check
Additional Online Promotion
Carol Sanford Institute blog mention, including syndication, which has included The Guardian, Stanford Social Innovation Review, among others. check
Recognition in the Regenerative Business Summit report check check check

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