Seeing Regeneration

This is the story of the birth of a new approach to business and life. This story is born out of concrete experience and passion for life, culture and health. Over the past 8 years we have been enquiring deeply into what the healthiest possible expression of chocolate...

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A developmental fishbowl. Sitting in the center or focus of a group that wants to learn from experience has proven to be highly effective learning method which we have proven to be extraordinary for decades. The audience holds their own business, project or product offering in mind as the questions are ask and new thinking discovered. To their own business, it proves to be experiential even if you are only watching. For the business at the center, it causes just enough alertness and attention to invite a shift in perspective. Coupled with masters of an authentic socratic process. With questions formed from experience. Drawing on the regenerative principles.


Everyone watching you regenerate your business. In the plenary session, with carol sanford engaging you in that discovery over 90 minutes. You will have one preparation session. You join us on stage. And you get pushed to see how it would be to re-envision your business from a regenerative paradigm.