What Makes the Regenerative Business Summit So Unique?

We learn as humans through active engagement. Therefore, there are no keynotes, panels or experts at the Regenerative Business Summit, which feel distracting and fragmenting, not to mention often boring—especially for fast-moving business leaders.

Instead, the Summit has several unique qualities that foster rapid prototyping of ideas and their precise evolution.

The innovative event design fosters engagement between peers in fiduciary roles for discovery and invention—you will not be drowned in Power Point presentations at the Summit.

Each half-day session opens with a 20-minute introduction to a Regenerative Business Framework. Guided by a specific set of framing questions, you will engage in paired dialogue that will unlock powerful insight and open creative directions to grow your business’ financial, social, and with planetary impact. Our proprietary developmental processes accelerate learning and integration in ways that no day-long course of lectures ever will.  

We provide a systemic essential framework and questions for exploring an overarching concept in advance of each dialogue. You prepare for each engagement in pairs with your peers to ensure a common ground and clear process.

People tell us the frameworks are so useful they take the them back to their business as a handy instrument to co-create thinking with colleagues. Your ability to engage with and explore the challenging questions will surprise you, uncovering answers most unique and relevant to your specific business context.  

We provide thinking partner operating principles for collaboration. We demonstrate a rigorous Socratic process using a shared systemic framework and engagement strategies. Again, these principles work well back at the office. Take them home!  

Throughout the Summit, we will engage three companies in a custom Socratic process called a “FISHBOWL”. This happens on the plenary stage, before attendees move into dialogue with another attendee.

“The Fishbowl experience challenged us to go beyond the thought process we engage in daily.  The questions were so different than we asked ourselves led us to delve deep and find deeper truths.  We didn’t have all the answers (I hope we never do!), but had better questions to guide our journey’s direction.”

-Duke and Monica Gastiger, RE Farm Cafe, State College, PA

There are significant outcomes from each “fishbowl” because the conversation happens “live” with one business in front of all Summit participants. The business at the center of the “fishbowl” comes away with a deeper understanding of the potential for their business. Everyone in the room also learns from this engagement as they apply each question to their own business, with the same framework in hand.  

We introduce a set of self-directed reflection processes to pause momentarily at the intersection of each transition during the day. This reflection is crucial to integration and understanding of complex concepts. Simultaneous personal, professional and business development are core to the growth of each Summit participant as persons, leaders and resources to others.

“This is the only business event I know of where I am invited to do deep conscious work on both myself and my business—what a rare and unique opportunity!”

-Bryan Ungard, Chief Purpose Officer, The Decurion Corp, Los Angeles, CA

Carol Sanford uniquely understands how to develop more conscious, creative, innovative, and intentional human beings. Her work contributed to exponentially increasing the value of my company and perhaps most important, helped us discover that work can be deeply fulfilling in ways that feed your soul.

Jeffrey Hollender, Founder & CEO SustainNatural.com, Founder, Founding CEO Seventh Generation

Carol advocates for a vision of firms as cradles of human development, supporting their employees through journeys of discovery that focus on the lived experience of the customer. Her work points the way to building authentically purpose driven firms that will drive the kind of disruption that my own research suggests is likely to be catalysts in reimagining capitalism and to a way of being in the world that is simultaneously deeply pragmatic and an expression of transformative hope.

Rebecca M. Henderson, John and Natty McArthur University Professor, Harvard Business School

Carol has already influenced my own thinking and that of Kauffman leaders and we are partnering with her for more evolution in entrepreneurship and education to great ends. It’s just what the world needs to transform our fractured and fragmented workplace culture into a healthy, regenerative whole system. You will see why I so strongly recommend this work.

Mark Beam, Maverick in Residence Kauffman Foundation

Leading successful business transformation in a complex and challenging environment requires clarity, alignment, will and a sense of purpose at all levels across the organization. The principles and ideas presented for The Regenerative Business deliver these effects systemically an in a way that brings deeper satisfaction and meaning to work. Using the frameworks to build a developmental view is producing significant cultural shifts that are moving our business forward. Associates are energized to grow their impact, and customers are feeling the difference.

Lara Lee, President, Orchard Supply Hardware

Carol Sanford has fundamentally challenged and transformed the way we think about entrepreneurship, innovation, and developing our leaders. Since she began teaching at the school, the impact of Carol’s regenerative frameworks and concepts has reached beyond the classroom. She has supported the students, faculty, and leadership to explore how the curriculum, learning community, and organization can form a seamless whole in pursuit of driving transformative change. The Regenerative Business is essential for any leader looking to design and lead a thriving 21st century organization.

Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, Principal, Kaospilot, Denmark, Business & Design in leadership and entrepreneurship

Prepare to abandon all current thinking about what makes organizations great. Original, powerful, and persuasive, The Regenerative Business exposes the limited worldviews and minimal expectations that drive most organizations. In their place, it offers practical and insightful frameworks for creating “regenerative” processes, illustrated with successful and profitable real-world applications of these ideas. Promoting ways of seeing and being in the world that couldn't be more timely or essential, The Regenerative Business details models that engage the whole person in the larger systems in which they operate.

Jessica Lipnack and David McConville, Co-chairs, Board of Directors, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Huge gratitude to Carol Sanford for helping Babson open the aperture on its view of what business can and should be. Attending the Regenerative Business Summit will give business leaders a taste of this experience. Don’t miss it!

Babson Executive Education and Lewis Institute at Babson 2017 Regenerative Business Summit Underwriting Champion

We are so proud to be a sponsor for The Regenerative Business Summit. Huge gratitude to Carol Sanford for helping Babson open the aperture on its view of what business can and should be. Attending this Summit will give business leaders a taste of this experience, Don’t miss it!

Babson Executive Education and Lewis Institute at Babson. Champion

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