The Regenerative Business Summit

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Re-imagining the Role of Business.

No Keynotes. No Panels. All action-oriented strategy.

Save the Date: Nov. 19th, 2019

Fusion: Virtual & Local Summit

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How it Works


The 2019 Regenerative Business Summit is a fusion of local events in multiple cities coupled with virtual engagement around the world. This is not a standard “summit” – there will be no presentations, no panels, and no keynotes. Live “fishbowls” with CEOs and Founders of leading businesses (e.g. Sheryl O’Loughlin, Jeffrey Hollender) will be combined with interactive workshop sessions, where local participants work together on their real business pursuits.


Why it’s Different


The theme of this year’s summit is “Essence Expression Through Business.” You will engage with what the Essence of YOUR business is, and how to use it for:

◊ Strategic Positioning to make you non-displaceable in your markets
◊ Industry Leadership to realize social and planetary imperatives
◊ Work Design and systems to develop core human capacities

Champions are the hosts of the local events in each city, inviting appropriate businesses from their network. 

Do You Know Your Business’s Essence?

Essence is core to non-displaceability. If you aren’t working from essence, you are on edge of being displaced. Essence is the distinctive and singular nature of the company. It acts as a unifying concept and decision-making beacon for everything the company does. Essence cannot be copied, and offers an unyielding source of profitable innovation.

Without your businesses essence in hand, you drift from tactic to tactic or respond reactively to changes in the market. With essence in hand you own the market, and have a clear strategic direction for growth and impact.

Why Regenerative Business?

 Regeneration is a paradigm drawn from living systems.

7 First Principles of Regeneration radically differentiate the paradigm from sustainability, circularity, and extractive mechanistic mindsets.

Businesses have an incredible opportunity to produce impact.

Businesses play a unique role in society: They are simultaneously employers, investors, and developers and can guide social systems and governance towards regeneration.

Business & Thought Leaders

Local Summit Events


Who is this for?

This is an invitation-only, experiential event for business leaders to engage their company and industry in social and planetary change.

How do I get Invited?

To be eligible for an invitation, you must be a business leader at a for-profit company, working for significant systems change, and willing to fully engage with peers in a strategic developmental process. This event is not appropriate for management consultants or organizational development professionals – contact us to learn more.


9:00 am

Essence – the Core of Non-displaceability with Carol Sanford

10:30 am

Business ‘Fishbowl’ with Sheryl O’Laughling, CEO @ REBBL; Live-action breakout groups focus
on immediate applications for your business.

12:00 pm

Regenerative Networking Lunch

1:00 pm

Putting Essence to work: How to Make Decisions, Innovate, and Own your Market; “Guided Disruption” breakout groups.

3:00 pm

Business ‘Fishbowl’ with Jeffrey Hollender of the American Sustainable Business Council; Live-action breakout groups and all-participants global reflections.

6:00 pm

Locally-sourced Business Community Dinner – build the local ecosystem.

Regenerative Business Alliance

Do you want to change the course of history? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Regenerative Business Alliance empowers leading global companies to expand, extend, and evolve their effect on the world through the regenerative business paradigm. We offer executive education, strategic thought leadership, and developmental events that transform companies and industries.

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