Regeneration is found only in the world of living systems. It offers us a paradigm for understanding life. Machine and other non-living metaphors cause us to conceive inaccurately. Living Systems offer us a set of First Principles that allow us to understand the world as alive and “at work”. A regenerative approach can be accessed through these seven foundational First Principles.

The arenas of Regeneration First Principles are sourced from and contribute to:

  • Whole: Capable of operating in a self-determining way within a system and interactively with other systems. Autonomous in its structures, systems, and processes. Keeps all individuals focused on their effect on the whole. Read more here.
  • Potential: Initiating with potential, the intention and effect to be achieved, rather than existing problems and issues. Seeking disruptive, more fulfilling, and beneficial outcomes. Read more here.
  • Reciprocity: Operating within living dynamic processes, making “fitting” contributions that benefit system health with care for contributions and outcomes for all. Read more here.
  • Essence: Exhibiting singularity, working as “one of one” by increasingly bringing forth essence and non-displaceable uniqueness. Read more here.
  • Nestedness: Embedded within greater and lesser systems, each playing a core role in the success of the whole and other nested wholes. Read more here.
  • Nodal: Seeking the point of highest and most systemic return in interventions. Similar to acupuncture, where a single point or set of points are recognized as most effective for systemic regeneration. Read more here.
  • Development: Seeking to grow and develop potential in each and all entities by focusing on increasing capacity of a whole(s) to be vital, viable, and able to evolve. Read more here.

Hear Carol discuss the meaning of regeneration in this short video.

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