We learn best as humans through stories. The “fishbowl” engagement process uncovers stories and observations to help us learn from the experiences of others and our own.

In the “fishbowl”, you sit at the center of a circle with Carol Sanford as your thinking partner. Everyone in the circle holds their own business, project, or product in mind as Carol poses questions and helps you discover systemic ways of thinking through an authentic Socratic process. Everyone learns by mentally engaging with the person(s) in the center. But you get the most profound exploration of your business at the center of the fishbowl on stage, in real time.

Participation at the center of the fishbowl costs $397 and includes a follow-up phone consultation after the Summit to continue moving your business forward in a regenerative paradigm. Sign up to participate in a fishbowl when you register for the Summit.



There will be three fishbowls at the Summit based on this year’s theme: INVEST! Each fishbowl will focus on one of three critical factors that businesses face.

Fishbowl #1: Invested Co-creators. This fishbowl examines how to foster all individuals and organizations to take on stewardship, caring and even ownership for the outcomes of the business and everyone it impacts. Co-creators include employees, suppliers, contractors, and others in the process of creating value for customers and other stakeholders. This fishbowl will help one business that is ready to deeply examine its relationships do so publicly, on stage, for their own benefit and to give everyone in the audience a valuable learning experience.

Fishbowl #2: Strategic Investments. Businesses have scarce resources to grow their business and have a marketplace effect. It is hard to know which initiatives are the most likely to succeed. This fishbowl focuses on three critical success factors for assessing and leading responsible growth. If your business needs help discerning how to invest your resources for maximum impact, sign up for the this fishbowl. You will walk away with an understanding of how responsible financial effectiveness works, and how to invest your scarce resources wisely.

Fishbowl #3: Engaged Investors. Business growth requires many kinds of investments, including financial. This fishbowl explores the three critical success factors that give investors confidence to invest in a business. If you are considering or searching for outside investment and want to examine how you are likely to be viewed by prospective investors, step into this fishbowl.

You will leave the center of the fishbowl with a much clearer idea about how to shift your practices with co-creators, how to be more strategic in considering investments, or how to engage investors in your business. We are offering this direct, hands-on experience at the Summit for less than 10% of the price to hire Carol to do this work with your business. This special price includes a follow-up phone consultation after the Summit and gives you a rapid-fire way to transform your business outcomes in the regenerative paradigm. Sign up to participate in a fishbowl when you register for the Summit.



“Carol Sanford Institute’s approach (the regenerative business education) continues to be an amazing source of inspiration and one of the foundational philosophies of Google Food.”

Michiel Bakker, Director, Google Food.

“The regenerative business approach and insights ...take us behind the scenes at companies that have transformed how they think about themselves and the world – and in the process generate not only sustainable prosperity, but levels of meaning and commitment that most firms only dream of....”

Rebecca Henderson, Senator John Heinz Professor of Environmental Management, Harvard Business School.

“Carol Sanford Institute has been developing corporate consciousness…the idea is inherently tough-minded: break ingrained habits of thought, kick over stale ideas, and avoid the easy path of simply repeating past successes...”

Jeffrey Hollender, Founder, CEO of Seventh Generation (in Harvard Business Review • March 2010).

“...The Carol Sanford Institute’s ability to build capability regarding ideas about strategic thinking, levels of differentiation and “learning while doing” were very unique...[It helped me rethink our relationship to competition and what we needed to do in order to make ourselves more “non-displaceable” in our markets. The regenerative business approach is much more holistic than anything I have worked with.”

Brad Redderson, Senior Vice President Visual Systems, Silicon Graphics (SGI)

“Carol Sanford Institute, a most insightful and effective organization, ... helped us made a positive difference to our business way of work. Their work with DuPont of Canada... regenerative ways of working in a business has yielded substantial business advantages.”

Bill White, Senior President, DuPont of Canada


“...Individuals and organizations exceed all expectations for performance as a result of Carol Sanford Institute’s work. ...I have seen the confidence that comes from these successes that infuse people’s lives and change them positively and permanently...[They] can explain why and how change and growth work rather than simply initiating a program; they transfer the capability to continue the improvements long after they are gone.”

Will Lynn, Clorox Corporation, Group Vice President

“I am consistently impressed by the foresight of Carol Sanford Institute. Concepts and approaches are introduced by them, which are then later brought forward in leading books and articles. At a recent conference on innovative thinking....ideas were presented which I experienced a number of years earlier during interaction with Carol Sanford Institute.”

John Hanby, VP of Research and Development, Potlatch.


 “Carol Sanford Institute created a climate of trust with a multi-racial workforce and management during a historic period, (before and after the first free elections in the republic of south Africa )... I am persuaded that Carol Sanford Institute’s approach creates a long lasting business advantage, whilst developing people and the business.”

Stelios Tsezos, GM for Oral Care Europe , Colgate-Palmolive.

 “Carol Sanford Institute offers one of the wisest and most compassionate teachings and approaches to thinking on the planet! ... They have the gift of teaching complex and profound concepts and higher order thinking that has contributed to the quality of my thinking…thus the quality of my life and business.”

Debra Neill, Ceo, Neill Corporation, Largest distributor Of Aveda Products, Business Educator To Aveda Salons.


“Carol Sanford Institute’s regenerative way of working with Seventh Generation opened a door to the whole new level of engaging with and practicing corporate responsibility, in everything we do— from how we organize the company, to strategic thinking, working with stakeholders, product development and marketing. We have dramatically improved our strategic, leadership, and organizational capabilities...”

Jeffrey Hollender, CEO, Founder Of Seventh Generation.

 “This way of thinking about running a business, (the regenerative business), is a critical source of new understanding for a re-imagined future. Rarely a day goes by that I do not call on this way of thinking and looking at the world...”

Chad Holliday, Chairman And Ceo, E. I. Dupont Corporation.

 “Carol is one of those very rare individuals whom you meet that has the ability and wisdom to radically alter the way you think about yourself and the world. ... Carol has the unique gift of getting through to people and helping them realize the potential of not just themselves, but of our world. ... They deliver transformation at scale.

Jason Twill, Head of Development, Lend Lease.

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