Why A Summit?

No keynotes, No panels, No training. Just cross industry leaders engaging. The only thing that limits our ability to be what we can be is our way of thinking; our world view. And a thinking partner to explore!

The Regenerative Business Summit sets the intention to evolve capacity to work with human activity embedded in, effected by and affecting living system processes. We have regularly seen businesses grow at 10X rates with this in mind. In peer in-depth engagement experience, we offer living systems frameworks and languaging. The practice is to evolve Regenerative Thinking and Practice, which is a paradigm of how living systems work. We seek to develop capability to understand the hazards and opportunities that are forefront in our world today. Only by seeing, engaging and transforming our thinking can we understand the way to engage with climate change, water, food and political safety and security, human self-determination and development, among hundreds of others subjects.

Summit Purpose: To elevate and enrich the conversation about REGENERATION and focus it on innovative enlightened disruption in business and industries.

Regeneration is a paradigm drawn from living systems. See 7 First Principles that inform decision-making and differentiation.

Invitation-only event engaging leaders who are initiating regenerative approaches in 6 value-adding business streams. Are you ready to uplift your own and others’ pursuits along a regenerative path?

Know of a business taking outstanding action toward a regenerative approach? Nominate them for the Regenerative Business Prize.

Apply First Principles of Regeneration — to your business, to related businesses, to disrupting industries.

Ready to register? Need an invitation?

Seattle, WA
The Foundry by Herban Feast

Why Business as an Audience

We believe business has one of the highest opportunity to produce the most impact because of the nature of their role in society. Their position as employees, buyers and sellers of goods can guide social systems culture and governance towards living from the Regenerative, the living systems, paradigm. We select a theme each year for the Summit to which to apply the Regenerative Living Systems as a paradigm for thinking and practice. The annual change of subjects enables us to illuminate the profound difference when shifting our way of looking, understanding and relating to the world. This year’s theme is: IN-VEST!, which takes a step beyond commitment of co-creators, markets and investors into the level of effects we can pursue to catalyze work that has greater, deeper and longer lasting impact.

2017 Underwriting Champions 


Some of the Participating Businesses


International Living Futures Institute
The Bark House
Babson Executive Education
Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurs
The Decurion Corporation
Soma Integral
Conservation Development
7 Group
Terra Genesis International
Google Food Lab
Goodly Brand Foods

Evrnu, SPC
Revitaliza Consultores
La Rousse Seattle Boutique Salon
Biggerstaff Construction
Ejido VerdeRincon
Vitova Insectaries
Second Line Designs
Penn State University
Food Ethnographer
Two Wolves, SP